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Students Life

Based on longstanding tradition at WUOT we understand that student success is not defined solely by academic achievements. The Warsaw University of Technology provides students with numerous possibilities to develop their knowledge, gives them freedom to explore various interests, passions, and dreams.

Thanks to many kinds of activities everyone has a chance to choose what she or he really is interested in. WUOT gives possibilities not only to learn but also helps to develop personal engagement, leadership or community building abilities. Through those activities students at WUOT grow as individuals, embrace diversity and learn to learn to get engaged in their societies.

We create opportunities for growth, achievement and success of students, helping them to see the world with a new perspective and start their working life. The best proof is the fact the Warsaw University of Technology has about 150 Students Research Circles. Students travel all around the world to present their projects, compete and win.

WUOT offers the essential activities traditionally associated with college life, but our location in the heart of Warsaw presents unique opportunities that accentuate the student experience — from athletic teams to students’ clubs. WUOT students are active around and beyond campus.